Working capital optimization

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Every CFO wants to see his organization well capitalized and hence WCO is a top item on the agenda for any CFO. see his organization well capitalized and hence Working Capital Optimization. Working Capital and Cashflow optimization.

We commonly hear "we want to improve our WCM what sort of system should we implement?" You won’t fix it with a fancy system, it needs a change in culture implemented with new policies, processes and indeed metrics.

Given that working capital is the cheapest source of cash, nothing is more vital than having a cash culture and good liquidity on board.

If all the companies in our study were to improve their working capital efficiency to the level of the next performance quartile, this. Originally posted in In my last blog I outlined why you needed to reconsider your approach to working capital and why current programs are limited in their capab.

Flow Benchmarking

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Working capital optimization
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