Work family conflict of women managers

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Women Managers and the Experience Of Work-Family Conflict

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Work–family conflict

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Family-to-work interference: This type of role conflict occurs when family demands and responsibilities make it more difficult to fulfill work-role responsibilities (e.g.

a child's illness prevents attendance at work, conflict at home makes concentration at work difficult). Gender Differences in Work-Family Conflict Linda Elizabeth Duxbury School of Business Carleton University Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (operationalized as managers or professionals with children).

This group was selected for two reasons. First, it sensitization to family conflict for women is likely to be exacer-bated by societal.

Work–family conflict (WFC) has been defined as “a type of inter-role conflict in which the role pressures from work and family are not compatible in some respect”.7, 8 The definition of WFC implies a bidirectional relation between work and family life in such a way that work can interfere with family life (WIF) and family life can.

The Journal of International Management Studies, Volume 3, Number 2, August, Work-Family Conflict and Emotional Exhaustion Previous studies have shown that women who experienced work-family conflict also experienced emotional.

g) To investigate the sources of work-family conflict, which has the most influence on the different types of work-family conflict. h) To investigate the type of work - family conflict, which has the most influence on the wellbeing of Kuching women in hospitality industry.

provide the insight for managers regarding the work life conflict and to enhance the commitment level of founded that work-life conflict is same for both men and women and also it is same for public sector and private Family-work conflict (F-WC) was measured through family-work conflict scale (Matthews et al., ) which.

Work family conflict of women managers
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