The life and work of william faulkner an american author

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William Clark Falkner

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William Faulkner Biography

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William Faulkner

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The scratch writer would be a hoop to follow a teacher. Faulkner would continue to find every work as a screenwriter from the s to the s. Faulkner and Then had an affair that lasted until the end of. Faulkner’s mastery of modern modes of narration, namely through his use of the interior monologue, multiple narrators and displacement of time, can be enjoyed in the following nine seminal works by the author.

The author takes the events of Faulkner’s life and sets them as background to the building of the stories and the characters that would revolutionize literature. We see the art of Faulkner directly expressing his life’s questions, challenges and fears/5(14).

For more information on Faulkner, including commentaries on individual works, family genealogies, a character and place name glossary, bibliographies of criticism, a map and description of Faulkner sites in Oxford, and other information resources, visit William Faulkner on the Web, which is maintained by the author of this article.

A collection of quotes attributed to American author William Faulkner (). The William Faulkner Society The William Faulkner Society is dedicated to promoting the legacy of William Faulkner and his writing.

It is open to all who are interested in the work of the Nobel Prize-winning author. William Faulkner, a major American twentieth-century author, wrote historical novels portraying the decline and decay of the upper crust of Southern society.

The imaginative power and psychological depth of his work ranks him as one of America's greatest Jul 06,

The life and work of william faulkner an american author
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