Legalizing of marijuana work cited

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Trudeau: Marijuana Legalization Plan Will Go Ahead Without Delay

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In Debate Over Legalizing Marijuana, Disagreement Over Drug’s Dangers

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Medical Marijuana: How the Evidence Stacks Up

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Which States Will Legalize Marijuana In 2018?

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At least 12 states are poised to consider marijuana legalization this year, with more possibly joining as legislative sessions continue, making a potentially pivotal year in the burgeoning.

Sources for Research about Marijuana and Legalization. Medicinal * Historical * Government * Media * Organizations * Public Opinion. Sources on Marijuana as Medicine "Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base" () -- The Institute of Medicine (IOM) published this report in response to the the White House's request for a review of scientific information about marijuana's medical uses.

"Why Marijuana Should Be Legal." Why Marijuana Should Be Legal: Logical Arguments for Students Writing Essays and Papers about Marijuana Legalization.

N.p., 21 Mar. Proponents of legalizing recreational marijuana say it will add billions to the economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, free up scarce police resources, and stop the huge racial disparities in marijuana.

Candelaria and Candelora actually have common ground on the quest to prevent the teenage use of marijuana. Recreational marijuana use wouldn’t be legal for teens under Candelaria’s bill.

Legalizing of marijuana work cited
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