How to write auto run cd

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ARCHIVED: In Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP, how do I write a CD?

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How to Write an Auto-Run Script in Linux

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How to Make a CD Auto Run

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How to Make a CD Auto Run by Erin McManaway. Certain CDs have the ability to automatically run once they have been placed in your computer's disc drive. This includes Music CDs and some software CDs that may have the built-in ability to AutoPlay. This allows a music CD to launch your preferred media player and begin to play music.

This. ISO Image is an archived file containing an exact content from an optical disc and has been a very popular way of storing and distributing discs. Here is 10 free software that can be used to burn ISO images to a CD or DVD disc.

How to create an autorun CD. When a CD is inserted into a PC computer, Windows presents the user with several options on how the disc should be opened. An auto run CD is also useful when the end user is likely not to be that computer literate to navigate to the right parts of the disc manually.

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How to make a Windows AutoPlay CD How to write auto run cd
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