How to write a simple string quartet

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Started by BeckyS, Sep 30 My advice for anyone wanting to write anything would be to listen to lots and lots of ground basses from this time and you'll get a feel for what others have done. I suppose a natural structure for a ground bass is to start simple and gradually get more.

When creating a string arrangement for real players, it's important to be clear in your mind what kind of ensemble you're writing for — after all, 'strings' can mean anything from a string quartet to a full‑sized string orchestra of 60 or more players.

On the other hand, the strings' extreme low register can have a wonderfully, rich, throaty quality, but you should bear in mind that bottom notes (such as the low C2 on a cello) can't be played with vibrato because they fall on an open string. Diagram 4: Simple instrument assignments for a five‑note chord.

String Quartet no. his last quartet, showing his most mature style. The Kepler Quartet has recorded stellar versions of all his string quartets but the 6th, 7th and 8th. Here are the liner notes for their recording of his quartets 2, 3, 4, and 9.

Never ever write music you think someone else would like to hear, especially not critics. Trying to be modern is so old fashioned.

g. Do not work too long on a composition. Take some distance every now and then. Go out for a walk, read a book or go to bed.

Music, Composition and Theory

h. It. A Listener’s Guide to the String Quartet Repertory. The following pages were included as an appendix to my book The Four and the One: In Praise of String Quartets (Lost Cost Press, ).

The guide offers one listener’s catalogue of the best string quartets, from Haydn through the ’s.

How to write a simple string quartet
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String Quartet Samples - Serenata Strings