How to write a music therapy case study

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The Designated Thesis Committee Approves the Thesis Titled MUSIC IN THE LIVES OF TWO CHILDREN WITH AUTISM: A CASE STUDY by Elizabeth Ron Fang.

Music therapy case study

Case examples provide very unique and valuable insights into how different forms of therapy are practiced, as well as how clients respond to those therapies. This e-book contains 13 previously published case studies on how music therapy has been used to help individuals with medical conditions improve their quality of life.

about a case study in which these two modalities were successfully integrated. In addition, this article provides explanations of IPT-A treatment protocols and music therapy techniques that might be utilized in a family therapy setting. Keywords: adolescent depression; interpersonal theory; music.

The study utilized case studies and testimonies, and even articles about Music Therapy with autistic children.

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Music therapy in the Philippines is still relatively growing. 'the text is a welcome contribution to the music therapy literature, as it richly and effectively conveys the editor's message on both the plurality and unique advantages of case study designs in music therapy.

How to write a music therapy case study
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