How to write a good artist statement in photography

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8 Artist Statements We Love

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How to Write a Good Artist Statement and/or Resume

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How to Write an Artist Statement

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“I use photography as a means of self-expression – I make pictures for myself, to identify with hidden qualities of my character, to better understand my reality, and to express my. An artist statement is a way of discussing your work as a photographer both generally (why you chose to work in the medium of photography) and specifically (why you chose to create a certain project).

The following artist statement examples are provided as samples you can emulate. Don't copy them, but use them as inspiration to sculpt your own statement using ideas and words.

Sample Artist Statement

Jonathan H. Dough - Artist Statement. How To Write An Artist Statement: Tips From The Art Experts; How To Write An Artist Statement: Tips From The Art Experts How to Promote Your Photography on Instagram. By Andra Bilici Published on July 9, July 30, Very good advice.

I was told to re-write my artist statement and didn’t exactly know what to implement other. Artist Statement. Photography is an exploration for me, a quest to capture elements of the abstract in nature.

Before taking a photograph, I spend extended periods of time getting to know the natural light, colors, shapes, textures and motion in a defined geographical area — a short stretch of beach, a tidal pool, a salt marsh. Artist Statement Guidelines. Why Write an Artist’s Statement?

Writing an artist’s statement can be a good way to clarify your own ideas about your work. A gallery dealer, curator, docent, or the public can have access to your description of your work, in your own words.

This can be good for a reviewer as well.

How to write a good artist statement in photography
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