How to teach values education in

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Multicultural Education in Your Classroom

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To use our web app, go to in the web browser (you can bookmark this URL for future access). Or download our app "Guided Lessons by" on your device's app store. For a discussion of how traditional character education fails to offer guidance when values come into conflict, see Lockwood, “Character Education.” Rheta DeVries and Betty Zan, Moral Classrooms, Moral Children: Creating a Constructivist Atmosphere in Early Education (New York: Teachers College Press, ), p.

May 29,  · How to Teach Values. In this Article: Demonstrating Your Values Using Everyday Activities to Teach Values Talking about Values Community Q&A. Teaching values can seem like a daunting task.

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The process doesn’t need to be intimidating, though. In fact, one of the best ways to teach kids good values is to simply demonstrate them in your daily K. Teaching family values to our kids isn't as easy as having them memorize a set of ideal characteristics.

Children need to observe our actions and participate in ongoing discussions about. Each lesson includes teaching and learning strategies with getting started, discovering and bringing it together activities.

For teaching and learning units designed to assist schools and teachers to integrate values within key learning areas of the school curriculum see Building Values Across the Whole School.

Teach Your Children Well: Why Values and Coping Skills Matter More Than Grades, Trophies, or Fat Envelopes [Madeline Levine PhD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Psychologist Madeline Levine brings together cutting-edge research and thirty years of clinical experience to explode once and for all the myth that good grades.

How to teach values education in
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