An introduction to the importance of flexible work schedules impact on organizations

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Flexible Work Arrangements

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In line of understanding their behavior, the organization will need to learn how to blend the workplace and the life-place to stay connected to this borderless Generation Y group by offering flexible work schedules, the option of telecommuting, and exchanges with other offices around the world.

Importance of Topic to Work-Family Studies. and employees working more than 40 hours having flexible work schedules more than those individuals working a standards 40 hour work week (Golden, ).

Pierce and Castanda () found that after the introduction of flextime, worker satisfaction with the work schedule and general worker.

Flexible work schedules Technology tools such as laptops, cell phones, and PDAs 50 60 70 80 90 The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College mended that organizations.

Twelve Forces That Will Radically Change How Organizations Work

These topics include public sector bargaining, the impact of global actors (multinational companies, international unions, and nongovernmental organizations), labor relations in other countries, and the future of labor relations in the United States.

An introduction to the importance of flexible work schedules impact on organizations
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